Dongguan KeShiWei Transmission Technology Co., Ltd

About Us

Dongguan keshiwei transmission technology co., ltd. is a leading one-stop service enterprise of automation parts in guangdong and even the whole country, adhering to the business tenet of "providing the best products, innovating quality services, and facing the whole country based on dongguan". Acting distribution linear guide, ball screw, precision modules, support, cross guide and other automation accessories, product categories, complete specifications, to fully meet the diversity of customer choice. Its agent brands are: THK, HIWIN,TBI,ABBA,PMI and other international and foreign brands, the products are widely used in the machine tool, processing center, automobile, rubber, packaging, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing devices, medical devices and other industries, for the wisdom of China made storage force. The company by "customer first, service in place" the principle in the pearl river delta and even the national industry is widely acclaimed, will adhere to this concept for a long time in the future, continue to operate, small profits and quick returns to the majority of consumers and peers.