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The profound influence of corporate culture on a company

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Corporate culture can be said to have a major role in the long-term development of a company.
(1) Enterprise culture has a guiding function
The so-called guiding function is to guide the leaders and employees of the company through it. The guiding function of corporate culture is mainly reflected in the following two aspects.
1. Guiding philosophy and values
The management philosophy determines the way of thinking and the rules of dealing with the problems of the business operation. These methods and rules guide the operators to make correct decisions and guide employees to use scientific methods to engage in production and management activities. The common value concept of the enterprise stipulates the value orientation of the enterprise, so that employees form a consensus on the evaluation of things, have common value goals, and the leaders and employees of the enterprise act for the value goals they identify. American scholars Tuomasi·bidesi and Little Luobote·woteman pointed out in the book "The Pursuit of Excellence" that "All the excellent companies we study are very clear about what their claims are, and they have seriously established and formed the company's value guidelines. In fact, a company lacks clear values or values are incorrect, and we doubt whether it is likely to succeed in business. "
2. Guidelines for Corporate Objectives
The direction of enterprise development depends on the setting of the goals of the enterprise. Without the correct goals, it is tantamount to losing the direction. Perfect corporate culture will start from reality and establish the development goals of the company with a scientific attitude. This goal must be feasible and scientific. It is under the guidance of this goal that the employees of the enterprise engage in production and management activities.
(2) Restrictive functions of enterprise culture
The restraint function of enterprise culture is mainly realized by perfecting the management system and moral standard.
1. Effective regulations
Enterprise system is one of the contents of enterprise culture. The enterprise system is the internal regulations of the enterprise. The leaders and employees of the enterprise must abide by and implement it, thus forming a binding force.
2. Ethical constraints
Ethics is from the perspective of ethical relations to restrain the behavior of business leaders and employees. If people violate the requirements of moral norms, they will be condemned by public opinion and feel guilty psychologically. Tong Ren tang pharmacy "health care, excellence, children, no bullying, no discrimination" ethical norms, all employees must strictly follow the procedures, strict quality management, strict implementation of discipline.
(3) the cohesive function of corporate culture
The enterprise culture is people-oriented and respects the feelings of people, thus creating a harmonious atmosphere of unity and fraternity and mutual trust in the enterprise, strengthening the group consciousness, and forming a strong cohesion and centripetal force among the employees of the enterprise. Common values form a common goal and ideal. Workers regard the enterprise as a community of common destiny, and see their work as an important part of achieving the common goal. The entire enterprise steps in unison and forms a unified whole. At this time, "the factory is prosperous and I am proud, the factory is weak and I am ashamed" becomes the sincere feelings of the employees from the heart, and "love the factory like home" will become their actual actions.
(4) Incentive function of enterprise culture
Common values make every employee feel the value of his own existence and behavior. The realization of self-value is a satisfaction of the highest spiritual needs of human beings. This satisfaction will inevitably form a powerful incentive. In the people-oriented corporate culture atmosphere, leaders and workers, workers and workers care for each other and support each other. In particular, the leadership's concern for the staff and workers, the trade union feels respected, will naturally cheer up and work hard. In addition, the spirit of enterprise and the image of the enterprise have a great encouraging effect on the employees of the enterprise. In particular, the successful construction of the enterprise culture, when it has an impact on the society, the enterprise trade unions have a strong sense of honor and pride, and they will redouble their efforts. Use your own practical actions to maintain the company's honor and image.
(5) Adaptation functions
Adaptation is adjustment and adaptation. Between the various departments of the enterprise, between employees, due to various reasons will inevitably produce some contradictions, the solution of these contradictions need to be self-adjustment; There are incongruities and inadaptability between enterprises and the environment, with customers, with enterprises, with the state, and with society. This also requires adjustment and adaptation. Corporate philosophy and corporate ethics enable business operators and ordinary employees to deal with these contradictions scientifically and consciously restrain themselves. The perfect corporate image is the result of these adjustments. Adaptive function is also a manifestation of enterprise's dynamic function.
(VI) Radiation function
Cultural power works not only in business, but also in society through various channels. There are many channels for cultural power radiation, including mainly communication media and public relations activities.

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