HIWIN High Precision EGH20CA Miniature Slide Quality Assurance for Silver Linear Slider Slider on Taiwan

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  • High positioning accuracy
  • High stiffness
  • Easy to maintain
  • High Speed
  • High speed silent

Product Details

  When the linear guide rail is used as a linear guide, because the friction method of the linear guide rail is rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, the gap between the dynamic friction force and the static friction force also becomes very small. Therefore, when the bed table is running, there will be no skid phenomenon and the positioning accuracy of the M level can be achieved.
Due to the special beam structure design of the linear guide rail, it can withstand the load of the upper and lower, left and right directions at the same time. Unlike the sliding guide, the lateral load that can be carried in the direction of the parallel contact surface is lighter, which can easily cause poor operation accuracy of the platform.
Compared with the traditional sliding system, there are actions to shovel or grind the running orbital surface. The wear and tear caused by the sliding often causes the platform to re-shovel or grind for a period of time. It takes time and costs. Very high, Linear sliding rails are interchangeable. If they are replaced or repaired, the walking accuracy of the machine and platform can be restored.
Since the friction force is very small when the linear guide rail moves, the bed table can be operated with only a small amount of power, especially when the bed table is operated in a regular round trip manner, and the power loss of the machine station can be significantly reduced. And because of the less heat generated by the friction, it can be applied to high-speed operation.

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