Quality assurance of steel alloy steel imported from HSR 25A woodworking machinery slider track of THK high-speed linear guide rail

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  • Large allowable load
  • High Rigidity
  • Gao Jindu
  • Easy to maintain
  • High Precision

Product Details

The rolling guide rail adopts the R groove shape which is similar to the ball diameter, which is very different from the straight ball guide sleeve. The contact of the R groove(R is 52 % of the ball diameter) differs by 13 times the allowable load per steel ball compared to the plane contact.
The LM rolling rail can withstand the load from up and down and Zuoyoufangxiang. At the same time, the contact structure of Arc groove can be applied to increase stiffness when necessary.
Compared with the stiffness of the feed screw or the spindle, the guide surface has very high rigidity when using the LM rolling guide rail.The LM rolling guide rail is an ideal rolling guide device so the wear is very small and there is almost no crawling movement. Even if it is used for a long time, its accuracy will not change. Unlike the sliding guide, the LM rolling rail will not wear out. Therefore, due to partial wear caused by the re-adjustment of the sliding surface, or precision re-adjustment and other operations are not required. When using the LM rolling rail, it is only necessary to regularly replenish the grease of Shaoxing. The maintenance is very simple and it is also conducive to the cleaning of the working environment.

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