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Since the friction force when the linear guide rail moves is very small and belongs to rolling friction, only minimal power is required to drive the platform. Because the friction force is small, the heat generated by the friction is extremely small, which can be greatly reduced compared to the traditional sliding method. Wear on the contact surface of the running track, It can maintain high positioning accuracy, walking accuracy and low wear for a long time. Due to the four-direction equivalent load design of the sliding track and track exploration, the load from each direction must have sufficient resistance strength and the ability to automatically adjust the heart, allowing greater installation errors to make the processing easier. And enough pre-pressure can be applied to obtain high rigidity.
Compared with the traditional sliding system, there are actions to shovel or grind the running orbital surface. The wear and tear caused by the sliding often makes it necessary to re-shovel or grind during the period of time. It is time-consuming and costly. Linear sliding rails are interchangeable. If they are replaced or repaired, the walking accuracy of the platform can be restored.

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